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Vendor Program

The Business Certificate is not compulsory, as any store that gets more reviews from their customers would qualify to receive grants to get registered under CAC.



If you don’t have any of the required documents, you can now upload your products. The only issue is that you won’t have the verified badge, but you will be allowed to sell.


Report Center

Better insight into business data from various aspects, enhance operations and increase sales.


Content Management

Get feedback from customers directly and reply to questions on the fly.


Order Management

Rich and convenient user inter-face of order, ship notice and invoice


Access Anywhere

Consistent user experience no matter where the entry point is, e.g. mobile, laptop, tablet


Getting Started Is Easy

Fill out the form provided and select the category you belong to. After submission, we review if you meet up with the requirement. Login and start adding your product/ service offering. Watch the video on how to get started. 


1. Register Account


2. Eligibility Review

3. Product Listing

4. Start The Market

Why Choose Us

For vendors, you have the opportunity to sell various products and services to both national and international markets.

For buyers, you get to buy from your preferred vendor with ease.



Local brands all over the world



Sattisfied Completely Customers


Featured Products Categories


Orders has been shipped


Monthly customers visit websites


Yearly profit incomes grown

The Success Stories

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